How To Change a Pin on a QA1 Ball Joint

Big Ballin’

Did you know that if you needed to, you can change a QA1 Ball joint pin right there on your vehicle? Tim Anderson shows you how easy it is to remove the QA1 Ball Joint pin from your control arm. Check it out!

A1 Press-In Style Ball Joints

qa1 suspension
QA1 offers its Ultimate Ball Joint in a Press-In Style for a variety of racing applications. A 100% owner rebuildable design, the Ultimate Ball Joint is a QA1 exclusive. This patented, self-lubricating ball joint is offered with multiple stud lengths, providing for easy geometry changes.

QA1 Screw-In Style Ball Joints

For a variety of racing applications, QA1’s Screw-In Style Ultimate Ball Joint is a great choice. This patented, self-lubricating design is 100% owner rebuildable and is exclusive to QA1. With multiple stud lengths available, geometry changes can easily be made.

Bolt-In Style Ball Joints

qa1 suspension
QA1’s 4-Bolt Style Ultimate Ball Joint is ideal for a variety of racing applications. Exclusive to QA1, this patented, self-lubricating design is 100% owner rebuildable. Multiple stud lengths are also available, allowing for easy geometry changes.

Ball Joint Rebuild Tools

QA1’s patented Ultimate Ball Joints are 100% owner rebuildable. Our spanner socket fits a 1″ socket or wrench for easily adjusting QA1 ball joints. To set ball joint pre-load, use the Allen hex key that fits over the grease zerk on all QA1 ball joints. Order the parts individually or together in the ball joint tool kit.


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QA1 specializes in providing performance shock absorbers, carbon-fiber driveshafts, suspension, rod ends, spherical bearings, ball joints, and other related items to a variety of markets including: circle-track racing; drag racing; street performance; street rodding; construction, fitness; agriculture and packaging equipment; as well as several other industrial markets.