JEGS Performance Welding Carts

This JEGS Performance 61848 Professional Welding Cart made from heavy-duty tubular steel that will hold everything you need to get the job done. Namely, two welding units, two large 80 cubic ft. shielding gas bottles, up to six tubes of TIG rods, and two shelves for all of your consumables.
jegs performance
It also comes with four hooks for hoses and cables.

The handle on the front and heavy-duty wheels allow you to move your welder wherever your project leads you. And speaking of garage fabrication, you may want to consider a new welder, too.


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JEGS High Performance sells performance auto parts, aftermarket accessories, tools, and race apparel. JEGS was founded by Jeg Coughlin Sr. in 1960 as a small speed shop. JEGS is still family owned and operated, but has expanded to include a massive 250,000-square-foot warehouse, approximately 350 employees, two mail-order facilites, a retail store and a race team (Team JEGS). Team JEGS is currently one the most successful teams in U.S. drag racing, with more than 100 victories at the national, divisional and local levels. And JEGS Foundation Racing for Cancer Research program has raised several million dollars.