The Latest Tools from Summit Racing

A Tool’s Errand

Just because the adage “you can’t do a job properly without the right tool” is old doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. These tools now available at Summit Racing are the right ones for the jobs they are designed for. Try `em out and see.

Osborn Brushes and Finishing Tools

After 124 years in business, Osborn knows how to make high-quality honing brushes, grinding discs, and other finishing tools. Here are just a couple of the Osborn products available at Summit Racing:
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ATB NovoFlex Honing Brushes have tough silicon-carbide stones and are self-centering to conform to the cylinder bore surface. That means you get a consistent, even surface finish. The brushes have an extended handle that allows you to reach deeper into bores not accessible with other brush hones. They are available in multiple bore sizes in 120, 180, and 240 grit.
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Osborn Flap Discs are a combination grinding wheel/fiber disc to quickly remove material and leave a nice, clean finish. The zirconia discs are for use on softer metals like sheet steel. The EXT Series discs have a ceramic base for use on harder materials. Summit Racing also carries HD Flap Discs that are thicker and offer a longer service life. The discs come in packs of 10.

Heli-Tuff Wire Brushes are ideal for cleaning threads, inside hole and passages, and in other recesses. The crimped wire brushes feature a unique helix design densely packed with steel or stainless steel filaments to clean quickly and efficiently. They can be used by hand or with power tools.

Summit Racing ECU Pin Terminal Crimpers

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Summit Racing’s ECU Pin Terminal Crimpers are designed to make the perfect crimp on open barrel and pin connectors commonly used in modern wiring harnesses. The crimpers ratchet closed, then automatically release when the selected force is reached. The force can be adjusted via a set screw and dial on the handle. The crimpers feature padded handles and have diecast jaws that work on terminals from 14-22 gauge.

Klein Tools Rechargeable Headlamp

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Headlamps are great for providing extra light where you need it while keeping your hands free to work. Klein Tools’ Rechargeable Headlamp goes a step further with three LED light modes: a 100 lumen floodlight; a brighter 200 lumen focused spotlight; and a super-bright 400 lumen boost mode. Other features include:
• Headlamp automatically turns off after three minutes in bright light to extend battery life
• Slim profile design with pivoting mount allows up to a 64 degree lighting angle
• Adjustable fabric strap with silicone backing secures headlamp to your head, hard hat, or cap
• Battery gauge with colored LED lights to indicates battery life level
• Rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charging cable included


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