Design Engineering Inc: 3 Ways to Manage Exhaust Heat

Beat the Heat Like it Owes You Money

Keep potentially damaging underbody and engine heat away from critical components with Design Engineering Inc.’s proven line of Exhaust and Pipe Wraps.

Designed to contain heat inside of headers to assist with increasing exhaust velocity through the exhaust system, wrapping headers helps reduce underhood temperatures protecting components while increasing performance. These pliable and durable wraps install easily to provide an extra layer of defense against high operating temperatures.

design engineering inc exhaust wrap

“DEI’s complete line of Exhaust and Pipe Wraps deliver the protection high-performance and race vehicles need to operate at their peak,” said Mike Buca of DEI. “Strong and durable, these wraps are a secret weapon to protecting vital underhood parts and unlocking hidden horsepower.”

The wraps come in rolls to facilitate tightly wrapping around headers and pipes, resulting in a cooler air charge for improved performance. Available in a variety of sizes and protection levels, the family includes three distinct wrap categories:

Glass Fiber Exhaust Wrap – Exhaust Wrap is an important first step in reducing unwanted, power-robbing heat. Offered in various-sized rolls for shorter pipes, headers, turbo downpipes and powersports exhausts, the wrap withstands 1200 ̊F(649°C) direct/2000 ̊F(1093°C) radiant heat. Available in both black and tan

TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap

Featuring LR Technology, TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap, made from pulverized lava rock, stranded into a fiber material and then woven into a proprietary weave is THE Original and ultimate high heat-rated wrap. It is extremely pliable for a tight and secure wrap. Engineered to be stronger and more durable than most wraps, it withstands heat up to 1800 ̊F(982°C) direct/2500 ̊F(1371°C) intermittent heat. Available in original titanium and an attractive black carbon fiber look.

EXO Series Exhaust & Pipe Wrap

Designed for extreme environment use including powersports applications, the EXO Series features a dual-layer design, using a combination of hi-temp glass fiber, covered with a 304-grade stainless steel exoskeleton for superior heat, abrasion and impact protection. Offered in black and tan.


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ABOUT Design Engineering Inc.®

Design Engineering (DEI), located in Avon Lake, OH, specializes in the development of thermal and acoustic performance products for the for the automotive and powersports industries. DEI also makes cryogenic intake systems and related accessories under the CryO2 brand, acoustical insulation, and sound-deadening products under the popular Boom Mat brand, as well as a full line of performance coolant additives under the brand Radiator Relief.