Hot Shot’s Secret Gasoline Extreme in a New Formula

Hot Shot’s Secret is excited to announce a reformulation of their popular Gasoline Extreme complete fuel system cleaner. The new formula improves on the strong performance of the original formulation and is being introduced in a new easy-to-pour 12 oz. bottle design that is compatible with capless fuel tanks.

hot shot's secret Gasoline Extreme

Gasoline Extreme is now infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s LX4, a premium lubricity additive that prevents wear and provides excellent fuel system protection. This also acts as an upper cylinder lubricant, an added benefit to improving fuel economy.

The one-tank clean-up formula features a highly effective Polyetheramine (PEA) detergent to thoroughly clean valves, pumps, injectors, rings, pistons, and upper cylinders. Developed for multiple purposes, this fuel additive dissolves power-robbing gum and varnish and removes combustion chamber deposits to restore power, performance, and fuel mileage. MPG increases are documented up to 7.9% as verified by third-party testing, making this a much-needed fuel additive for older model gasoline-powered vehicles.

Gasoline Extreme with LX4 is recommended for any gasoline-powered engine, including agricultural equipment, cars, trucks, motorcycles, UTVs and ATVs, golf carts, buses, and utility fleets. One 12 oz. bottle can be used to treat 20 gallons of gasoline. Manufacturer recommendations are to treat the fuel every 6,000 to 10,000 miles. Gasoline Extreme is compatible with gasoline with high ethanol content and will not void your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Lubrication Specialties Director of Branding and Promotions, Kyle Fischer, says, “After years of development to perfect the formula, Gasoline Extreme has quickly become one of our best-selling additives since we released it. Everyone that tries Gasoline Extreme becomes an instant fan of the product due to its industry-best ability to fully clean the fuel system and restore fuel efficiency in just one single tank. But we never stop working in the lab at Hot Shot’s Secret, and now our new formula is even better with the addition of LX4 for added lubricity, and the new bottle design for capless fuel tanks makes this an easy product to keep on hand to give your vehicle a performance pick-me-up.”


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