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Every year, over 10 million new cars roll off the assembly line fitted with Sachs components. Since chances are pretty good that your import vehicle was built with Sachs shocks and struts or clutch components, it only makes sense to use genuine Sachs parts when it’s time to replace them.

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Shocks and Struts

Sachs says one in seven vehicles on the road in Germany has at least one defective shock absorber or strut. We figure that applies to the US of A, too. When you discover a shock (or shocks) that has gone wrong, Summit Racing has Sachs Stock Replacement Shocks and Struts for over 1,600 import and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. They’re direct stock replacements so you can get restore the factory ride and handling.

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Clutch Kits

Sachs Stock Replacement Clutch Kit components are built to OEM specifications for your vehicle. The kits come with a clutch disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and an installation tool. Some kits feature Sachs’ XTEND pressure plate that provides automatic wear compensation. The compensation mechanism constantly registers clutch lining wear and compensates by turning an adjustment ring. This extends clutch service life and maintains clutch pedal effort over the life of the clutch.

Summit Racing carries Sachs Stock Replacement Clutch Kits for popular Japanese, German, and Korean vehicles as well as domestic applications.

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Clutch Slave Cylinders

If your clutch pedal feels spongy or sinks to the floor when you shift gears, it’s a good idea to take a look at the slave cylinder. If it’s worn or leaking, replace it with a Sachs Stock Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder. It will restore clutch pedal feel and restore proper gear shifting. In fact, you should replace the slave cylinder when you replace the clutch so you can sleep better at night.

Summit Racing also carries Sachs stock replacement flywheels, strut bearings, steering dampers, and replacement shock bellows and bump stops.


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