Quadratec: Four New Res-Q Recovery Gear Options

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Quadratec, Inc. recently introduced the Res-Q brand Recovery Strap, Recovery Rope, Tree Saver Strap and Soft Shackle for Jeeps. These four new offerings expand Res-Q’s recovery gear to include numerous options for off-road enthusiasts and drivers looking to be well-equipped for the journey ahead.


The eight-foot Res-Q Tree Saver Strap stretches under load for easy recovery and features padded sleeve protectors that offer reinforced closed loops on each end for accessories like D-rings and tow hooks. Made with all-weather nylon material for extreme weather use and engineered with a 40,000-pound breaking strength, the Res-Q Tree Saver strap provides the utmost durability in all scenarios.


Res-Q’s Recovery Strap expands out to 30 feet and offers a 40,000-pound breaking strength with durable protective padding, while having the duality to be utilized as a winch extension strap or a tree saver. In addition to its dual use, the Recovery Strap has reinforced, closed-loop ends for use with off-road accessories like D-ring shackles and hooks.


The lightest option of these new Res-Q products is the 30-foot Recovery Rope with a breaking strength of 29,000 pounds. This double-braided nylon rope sits just under four pounds and helps keep any recovery kit lighter, making it easier to pack for the trail. It features reflective 3M tape braided into the rope to increase visibility during low-light recoveries, while its limited recoil and soft texture offer additional safety benefits. The soft eye splices, sheaths and surface coating on each end keep gravel and debris from permeating the line. The rope’s overall weight and material significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to the vehicle and components compared to static tow ropes.


Coupled with any of these new strap or rope offerings, the Res-Q Soft Shackle easily attaches to any recovery point and offers more strength, elasticity and durability over metal shackle alternatives. Unlike metal shackles, the Res-Q Soft version has a simple, boltless installation and is abrasion and rust-resistant with a 37,000-pound breaking strength.


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