Summit Racing Equipment: Brembo Brake Rotors, Pads, and Fluid

It’s NAO or Never

Brembo brakes are OEM equipment on Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris, and other sports and luxury vehicles. You can get Brembo performance for your vehicle with Summit Racing’s selection of direct replacement rotors, pads, and brake fluid.

Premium UV Coated Brake Rotors

summit racing brembo brakes
Brembo UV Coated Brake Rotors are a step up from the rotors the factory bolted to your vehicle. Most are made from a proprietary high-carbon cast iron alloy that offers improved brake response with low noise. Brembo then took it to another level by applying a solvent-free UV coating to the rotors. The coating protects the rotors from corrosion due to road salt, moisture, and road film and is environmentally friendly to boot.

NAO Ceramic Brake Pads

summit racing brembo brakes
Brembo NAO Ceramic Brake Pads are designed for street duty, especially for daily drivers that encounter a lot of stop-and-go driving. The low-metallic pad compound is made from several types of ceramic material. That means the NAO pads deliver consistent stopping power over a wide temperature range. The pads generate low amounts of brake dust—up to 35% less than OEM pads—to keep your wheels looking clean longer.

Other features include:
• Pads undergo a scorching process that greatly reduces fading and minimizes run-in time
• Multilayer ESE (Elastomer-Steel-Elastomer) shim reduces noise and vibration generated when the pad comes in contact with the rotor
• Electronic wear sensors and hardware included depending on the application

Low-Met Brake Pads

summit racing brembo brakes
Brembo Low-Met Brake Pads have a compound with 15% to 50% metallic content that can hold up to temperatures up to 750 degrees F. That means the pads bite hard for fade-free braking with shorter stopping distances when you’re driving aggressively. Multilayer ESE shims reduce noise, harshness, and vibration for smooth, quiet performance on the daily commute. Premium stainless steel hardware and lubricant are included.

Premium Brake Fluid

summit racing brembo brakes
Available in DOT 4, DOT 4 Low Viscosity, and DOT 5.1 formulations. Brembo Premium Brake Fluid has higher wet and dry boiling points that make them more resistant to vapor lock. That allows more aggressive braking when you need it. The fluid’s low viscosity is ideal for vehicles with ABS and other electronic braking systems, allowing them to engage quicker and slow you down sooner.

Summit Racing also carries Brembo brake drums, brake shoes, and electronic pad wear sensors.


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