ATI: New Crank Pin Drill Fixture Kit for Ford Godzilla Engines

Go, Go, Godzilla

ATI Performance Products is proud to introduce its new Crank Pin Drill Fixture Kit. With this kit you are able to accurately drill the crank snout and install a hardened 3/16-inch pin in the snout of the crankshaft on your Ford 7.3L Godzilla engine.


The kit allows you to install 1 or 2 dowel pins in the crank, that your ATI Super Damper hub keyway slot will then slide over, eliminating the ability of the damper to spin on the snout. This is a must for engines used in performance applications and when supercharging. In most applications, the crank may be drilled and the pin installed with the engine in the vehicle and without removing the timing cover. The kit includes everything you need. A billet steel drill fixture that is a close fit to the snout so it slips on. A hardened 11/64″ drill bit and 3/16″ ream. There is a hardened drill bushing for each set screw and 2 hardened pins to install once done. We also recommend using a good quality aftermarket damper bolt once you are done!

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