Olight Unveils Seeker 4 Pro at O-Fan Day 2023

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Olight, a leading innovator in the lighting industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated flagship product, the Seeker 4 Pro, during the exclusive O-Fan Day event held in Lorton, Virginia, USA on September 16th.

olight seeker 4 pro series

Powered by a single 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable battery, it boasts an impressive brightness of up to 4600 lumens and a maximum throw distance of 260 meters. This allows users to effectively illuminate their surroundings with exceptional clarity and reach. Users can choose between two color temperatures, cool white and neutral white, to suit their preferences and needs.

The biggest highlight of the Seeker 4 Pro lies in its innovative holster design. It comes standard with a convenient Holster that provides users with easy storage and placement options. Additionally, the new multi-functional Holster offers a flashlight pull-out unlock function, making it even more user-friendly. Moreover, the Holster fixing bracket can be mounted in various scenarios, such as on a wall or in a car.

Seeker 4 Pro flashlight offers two convenient charging options: Type-C charging with the holster or magnetic charging using MCC3 2A charging. With Type-C charging on the holster, users can easily charge their flashlight in various scenarios.For those who prefer magnetic charging, the Seeker 4 Pro can be effortlessly charged on its own.Besides providing Type-C charging method, the holster can be clipped onto clothing or a belt, offering additional flexibility and ease of use.

“The idea for the Seeker 4 Pro’s innovative Holster design came from recognizing the needs and preferences of our valued customers,” said Jeff, Product Director at Olight.

Another notable highlight of the Seeker 4 Pro is its upgraded enlarged version with a 360-Degree Adjustable Metal switch. This inspiration came from Olight’s customer who expressed their desire for a larger side switch that can be operated with gloves and features stepless dimming. With stepless dimming, users can precisely control the brightness level they desire. The brightness can be set by rotating the button before powering on, ranging from moonlight mode to high brightness. The side button incorporates micro-hole laser engraving technology, which enhances surface friction and enables seamless rotation. Additionally, the hidden dashboard design, a first-time application of micro-perforated laser engraving technology in portable flashlight industry, adds a touch of futuristic aesthetics and displays the brightness and remaining battery level.

In addition to the Seeker 4 Pro, O-Fan Day will showcase three other remarkable products: the Olantern Music, the Oclip and the PL-Turbo Valkyrie. The Olantern Music is a versatile 2-in-1 camping light and stereo system that combines high-quality sound with a reliable camping light, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who seek both entertainment and illumination. With TWS mode, broadcasting mode, stepless dimming, and IPX5 water resistance, it offers unparalleled versatility for any outdoor activity.

The Oclip is a compact and versatile EDC clip-on light that provides users with increased convenience in various situations. Its durable spring clip allows for easy attachment to hiking gear, bikes, or use as a fill light for photography. With a maximum brightness of up to 300 lumens, Type-C charging support, and a red-light warning function for enhanced safety, the Oclip is a reliable companion for everyday carry.

The PL-Turbo Valkyrie (or PL-Turbo) is a secure and convenient rail-mounted light with a maximum output of 800 lumens and a throw of 515 meter. With its precision-engineered Turbo reflector, it delivers an impressive 66300 candela, providing a powerful spotlight for distant objects while maintaining ample floodlight for nearby surroundings. The sliding block within its rail clamp allows the PL Turbo to be easily installed on a wide range of long and short setups. Its patented sliding block and two adapters ensure strong compatibility with over 100 different configurations.

O-Fan Day 2023 & Product Release was an extraordinary event where Olight enthusiasts will witness the unveiling of new products that redefine industry standards. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge advancements and innovative designs presented by Olight.

Olight is a leading provider of portable lighting solutions dedicated to its mission of “illuminating the world.” Its diverse range of products serves various scenarios, including household, outdoor, and other applications. Our products are sold and utilized across Europe, the Americas, and other regions worldwide.

For more information about Olight and its products, please visit olightworld.com.