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Feelin’ Amp’d

Stronger fuel injection drivers power the new MicroSquirt ECU update from tuning experts AMP EFI/DIYAutoTune. Called AMP’d MicroSquirt, the unit also features a protected crank input for engines triggering from a coil negative.

The upgrades allow tuners to easily enable spark outputs or fit Hall effect and optical sensors without the need to wire-in external resistors.

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“MicroSquirt has long been the go-to choice for a low-cost, super-capable standalone ECU. It was originally designed for small engines and Powersports, however, so when we saw how guys were using it in more powerful applications, we decided to make some improvements,” explains Ben Berusch, Manager, Engineering & Support for AMP EFI/DIYAutoTune. “The new AMP’d MicroSquirt is about three things—EASE of installation, FLEXIBILITY for use on more engines easily, and BEEFINESS!”

New features include some configurability (jumpers) to make it easy to set up for four ignition outputs for use on V-8 engines in wasted spark, or for sequential ignitions in 4-cylinder applications.

Based on the popular MicroSquirt ECU platform, the AMP’d update also includes these time-saving, power-building improvements:

  • Two high-impedance injector outputs, with max peak current now increased to 19 amps
  • Two general-purpose on/off outputs that can be repurposed as spark outputs with switchable pull-ups
  • Two variable reluctor-conditioned inputs, now with switchable pull-ups to make it easy to use various crank/cam trigger setups
  • An opto isolated rpm input, now with max voltage and current increased for coil-negative, fuel-only use

Berusch particularly recommends using the AMP’d MicroSquirt over the regular MicroSquirt in these scenarios:

  • On installations that use Hall sensors
  • When using 6 injectors in the 9- to10-ohm range; or 8 or more injectors total
  • For V-6 or 8-cylinder distributor-less ignition applications
  • On fuel-only installations triggered off the negative terminal of an ignition coil

Also like the original MicroSquirt, AMP’d MicroSquirt can be ordered with a 30″ wiring harness for Powersports applications or an 8-foot wiring harness for automotive applications.


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